About Us

Zealot Gaming began in 2011 as a breakaway community for wayward gaming enthusiasts. Through our ups and downs, we're still around! We may have grown up, but we refuse to kick the bucket!

Our Community

We're still around, though not as active. many of us have grown up and as we make our way in the world of adult bullshit, there is less time to manage a community.

We still welcome new faces and encourage gaming together. If you're interested in revitalizing the community, we're interested in you! Contact one of the old farts.

The Old Folks

The Retirement Home




MathDad is currently a software engineer and general IT person. He still plays games (and now VR!), reads a lot (mostly grimdark fantasy), and even streams on Twitch.




After "retiring" from being a drug lady (pharmacist) Lava now spends here time working on her art, streaming on Twitch. She is open for commissions and subscriptions on Ko-Fi. Check her out!